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The Creative Processes of Music Composition: Creative Processes

Patrick Byers on His Creative and Compositional Process

(Discussion on Composing and the Role of Performers in the Creative Process)
Larry Brian Binns/ Patrick Byers
“I forget the music after it is written. I know the notes and the presence but its life passes quickly. If I composed a music inspired by a lovely spring morning, the music becomes music, the portrait remains ephemeral. When an artist makes the score his or hers and I have the opportunity to listen, what returns is the feeling of the spring morning as though it was new and unique. I cease owning the music and own instead a spring morning." -Patrick Byers
Byer's on Creative Approach and Composing
Byer's on Improvisation and General Reflections on His Life as a Composer
Thoughts on The Teacher Concerto and Networking with Fellow Composers