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The Creative Processes of Music Composition: Creative Processes

Composing With Computers

(The Impact of Computers on the Creative Processes)
Music by: Larry Brian Binns (ASCAP)

The creative processes utilized in composing with computers of necessity invoves a multiplicity of intellectual activities that are not typically encountered in traditional compositional processes. For one, the composer becomes concerned with algorithms (computable functions) rather than just the tones and techniques produced on traditional music instruments. Thus, a composer's approach to developing the inspirational germ may be altered or modified. Today, computer generated music is being used for film scoring, television, and other more traditional settings as well. Below is an example of a multimedia production using only computer generated music. The software used for music production was "Finale", "Sound Forge" and "Garritan Personal Orchestra".

"Hearts and Conceptions" is a mosaic of ideas, an abstract representation depicting the literal and figurative significance of the human heart and mind. This duality is portrayed throughout this nearly six minute video. More... Also, "Hearts and Conceptions" is available as a 9 MB Windows Media Video file. Please point curser and right click here and "Save Target As... or Save Link As..." onto your computer and view after the download completes.