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The Creative Processes of Music Composition: Creative Processes

World Premiere: Sonata "Harlem", Movement IV

(Pianist: Charles Jones)
Patrick Byers (ASCAP)

Insight into his creative process is revealed below in a correspondence between Patrick Byers and Larry Binns weeks before the premiere.

Greetings my friend: Charles Jones invited me to Steinway Hall to hear his program for the 31 of May. I arrived too late to hear the Beethoven, but was in time for Harlem sonata and the Carnaval of Schumann (both materfully played!). Charles confessed he was concerened I would run from the room after hearing my sonata. Far from the truth, indeed. Hearing a master of the piano play this storm was revealing and shatteringly inspiring. He has a commanding technique and equally a natural feeling for the poetry in the piano, not an easy task for a percussive instrument. More... <-- BACK