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The Creative Processes of Music Composition: Creative Processes

World Premiere: Sonata "Harlem", Movement II

(Pianist: Charles Jones)
Patrick Byers (ASCAP)
Premiered in New York at Steinway Hall on May 31, 2007

"Without developing any theme, I create the themes in at least one period, for each movement comparing their overall compatibility. Once I settle on them, I will leave for a time and return when I have walked about the streets listening to various developments. When I feel ready, I compose with pencil as quickly as a painter might with brush strokes. It is yet a mess. No one but me can read it. Before computers, I would begin a legible copy, listening as I composed, and because it was a slow process, find other inner voices or colors to include. With Finale these aspects come quicker since I can listen and assess. By nature I am inclined to compose on the darker side of pathos. I am a happy fellow socially hiding the darker impulses. Composing music I balanced my world. Happy music with a happy fellow felt like too much happy. Yet I loved being happy for the first time, then 9/11. Karma!” -Patrick Byers

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