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The Creative Processes of Music Composition: Creative Processes

Songwriting Sample: "Will You Be There?"

(Marcia Epps Binns (Vocals))
Music and Lyrics: Larry Brian Binns (ASCAP)
This is an example of the spontaneity of songwriting, a process that is very similar to composing larger works. The song is dedicated and written to my wife, Marcia. It was written during a brief bout with depression and anxiety after a prolong illness, one of many during my lifetime. The complete song was composed in about two hours. The lyrics were written first and the music afterwards.

The soundtrack was written and the audio recorded with Finale 2 or 3 and edited with an early version of Sound Forge. Everything except the vocals was computer generated and written in to Finale, except some of the instrumental solos. The vocals were added later.
Will You Be There?
Nothing in this world compares to this,
Feelings of joy and happiness,
I've waited so long for us to be,
Together in love eternally,
But time plays these games,
And things just don't stay the same,
People just seem to go away,
When you so need them to stay,
Now that I have you so near,
I don't want you to disappear,
Will you be there?

Chorus: Please tell me,
Will you be there for me?
I need to know,
Will you be ...
Will you be there for me?

When the clouds of darkness turn to rain,
Will you ease all of my pain?
And when the tears well up in my eyes,
Will you kiss away all my sighs?
O will you be there,
with plenty of your love to share?
When I lay down to sleep at night,
Will you be my glow of moonlight?
And when I shudder from the freezing cold,
Will you take me in arms to hold?
Will you be there? (To chorus)

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